International PIM Development Expert

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Terms of Reference International PIM development expert

  1. Background

While Afghanistan’s vision is to be self-reliant, immediate cuts in grants are going to negatively affect gains of the past two decades. If new grant commitments are not secured, there is a high risk that development expenditure in 2021 will be crowded out by security sector expenditures – which will negatively impact development outcomes. The Office of Deputy Minister for Policy at the Ministry of Finance is a key institution in the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan responsible for developing, analyzing and reporting on current and prospective development policies and plans in Afghanistan. More specifically, the Policy Department works closely with all the line ministries and independent directorates to develop and monitor the progress of the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework II (ANPDF II), National Priority Programs (NPPs), and commitments under the Mutual Accountability Framework (MAF). 

To support the TA objectives, an InternationalProject Economist will be recruited to facilitate, support and implement key financial, and policy and process reforms in MOF and the sector line ministries. The consultant will also support capacity building and institutional strengtheningactivities and implement the actions for improved processes, performance, and efficiency.

  1. Scope of Work
  2. The tasks to be undertaken by the International Project Economist will encompass work with MOF and the sector line ministries to evaluate both proposed and ongoing infrastructure projects, assess prioritization and performance, and propose any associated budget adjustments. The consultant would also support the project appraisal and institutionalizing the economic evaluation of the projects.The consultant will work with the Office of Deputy Minister of Policy and the sector line ministries.
  3. Detailed Tasks/Expected Output/Deliverables

The consultant will undertake, but not limited to, the following tasks:

  • The consultant should revise the existing templates of PIM unit for improvements, assist with analysis and provide hands-on support to PIM core staff.
  • The consultant should providehands on training, review and advice on revisionsinCalculation of NPV, IRR, Benefit to Cost Ratio, CBA, and CEA analysis for received projects, as well other types of analysis which has been carried out by PIM unit, In addition, the consultant can help using the analysis by developing indicative thresholds for these indicators in each sector, develop a framework for qualitative analysis to complement the quantitative analysis.
  • The consultant should work on communications strategy and improving report qualities of the PIM Directorate. To improve its communication through developing report templates and analysis for Project Evaluation Committee(PEC), High Economic Council (HEC), Budget Committee and Minister Level that can present comprehensive analysis of project evaluations that will improve decision making mechanism.
  • The consultant should identify prioritization of PIM reform areas specifically at the pre-investment stage in evaluation of projects, potential decentralization of PIM to line ministries and focusing on provincial development projects, further integration and alignment of PIM-PPP processes etc.
  • Assist to review the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework, National Infrastructure Plan, National Priority Programs and any other relevant development documents, and develop a customized set of aligned and practical economic indicators that will be used to evaluate projects.
  • Undertake economic analysis of proposed/current projects according to the customized set of indicators and review the original indicators on which the project was approved. This will enable project alignment to be assessed with the current development framework, and an evaluation of project performance against its original goals.
  • Develop data collection systems and methodologies, and data submission requirements for the proposed new projects.
  • Provide strategic advice as required on project selection, prioritization and evaluation criteria.
  • Participate in and contribute to internal and external training and conferences and other activities for advocacy, dissemination, and knowledge building.
  1. Performance Management Clause

The contract is subject to performance evaluation review. The review shall be based on achievement of assignment specific outputs on time and on budget. Any changes in stated outputs need to be approved by MOF. MOF reserves the right to terminate the contract i) if outputs are not achieved on time and at quality level acceptable to MOF; ii) services are no longer required or iii) for any other reasons in the interest of the project. Pre-termination of the contract is subject to 2-weeks’ notice.

D1. Consultancy Contract Administration

The TA consultant will prepare a workplan (for the assignment) to be approved by the Deputy Minister of Policy. This workplan and the agreed deliverables will be monitored by the Deputy Minister, with the consultant submitting summary quarterly reports.

D2. Deliverables


Percentage of Total Cost

Working days

Inception Report

Preparing of the mechanism, timeline, benchmarks, tools and plan how to meet expected out puts and deliverable of this assignment,

10% of the total contract amount





Report on PIM Priority Areas:

Identifying priority areas of DG-PIM at pre- investment stage, and providing of any other required information/ documentation at this stage.

5 % of the total contract



Report on Revision of Financial & Economic Analysis:

Revision of the project analysis, revision of the financial and economic modelsdeveloped by PIM staff.

15% of the total contract





Report on Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis:

Develop framework for qualitative and quantity analysis, developing comprehensive plan on engagement to line ministries & provincial development projects and any other requirement information/ documentation which is required at this stage.

15% of the total contract




Report on Communication:

Developing communication strategy and improving report and analysis quality submitted by PIM to the PEC committee, MoF Leadership and HEC.

15% of the total contract





Report on Economic Indicators for Project Evaluation:

Review of Afghanistan national peace & development framework, national infrastructure plan, National priority program and any other relevant development documents to set aligned and practical economic indicators for evaluation of the project.

15% of the total contract





Report on Economic Parameters:

Developing indicators and economic parameters for each sector for financial and economic analysis.

10% of the total contract


Final Report 

Will be consisting of all deliverables/ report mentioned in draft final report.

15% of the total contract




The total duration of the Assignment is for 6 months, starting January 2021 through June 2021.

F. Minimum Qualification Requirements

  1. A master’s degree in economic development and policy or related areas, the candidate needs to be a PFM and/or PIM expert with qualification and expertise in analyzing investment proposals with strong focus on economic and financial analysis using modern tools, and at least 10 to 12 years of relevant professional experience.
  2. Demonstrated analytical expertise and experience in preparing and undertaking public sector, budget and fiscal, and institutional reforms.
  3. Technical experience in infrastructure and development budget implementation monitoring and performance
  4. Demonstrated technical experience in design and implementation of public financial management reforms in developing and/or post-conflict countries is desirable
  5. Demonstrated experience in management of technical assistance and development programs focused on public sector reform and institutional development
  6. Experience in government-donor relations and policy dialogue.
  7. Strong communication skills with fluency in English.

Application Submission Guideline:

Qualified International applicants are encouraged to submit their resumes with a detailed application letter and contact details, no later than 17 October 2020 to copied to