Meetings with People

Meeting with people is one of the ways to connect the government with the people. One of the aims of holding these meetings are to gather information about people’s problems through their representatives. These meetings are open and democratic that helps the government to decide on development projects with the people, to make sure these projects are sustainable and effective for the lives of these people. The gover

nment tries to collect information about people’s needs to design suitable policies based on them. But in fact most policies, projects, and development programs that do get designed based on collected statistics from people, do not necessarily reflect people’s needs; they rather reflect specialists’ views.

To make sure that people’s needs are reflected in the national budget and tended to appropriately, the Ministry of Finance decided to organize meetings with people in five provinces and directly collect information from them.

After careful consideration and discussion with line-administrations, the Ministry of Finance decided to start holding these meetings in Kabul, Balkh, Herat, Kandahar, and Nangarhar. The attendants were chosen jointly with line-administrationsfrom the District Development Assembly members and active youth in each province. A delegation from the Ministry of Finance were in charge of these meetings, with the representatives of Independent Directorate of Local Governance, Ministry of Economy, and Deputy

Ministry of MoF also attending. In addition, Deputy Governor, and Provincial Director of Economy also attended these meetings.

Execution Plan

People’s suggestions were noted, categorized, and sent to line-administrations to include in their budget suggestions as midterm priority in their administrative suggestions between the years 1398 to 1401.

 Attendees and their suggestions in these five provinces are:

 Table 15 – List of Needs by Province

Number                Province                   Attendees                           Needs

1                           Kabul                       90                                        108

2                           Balkh                       140                     210

3                           Herat                       130                                      109

4                           Kandahar125                                      111

5                           Nangarhar 120                                      219

Total:                                                    605                                       757

The administrations are told to at least include three of people’s needs in their FY-1398 budget plan; projects that cannot be funded this year can be included in the 1399-1401 budget.

The projects that previously were included in the budget plans as currently being implemented are asked to prepare:

  1. Project timeline
  2. Project challenges
  3. Budget limitations

Funding Options

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