NOTIC For Iron Traders!


According to the order of the Prime Ministership of IEA, the export of any kind of iron equipment and tools is prohibited.
With the intention to provide facilities for national businessmen, based on the order (2012 - 6/21/1444), the Prime Ministership of State has been entrusted to all honorable security and defense officials to allow the transfer of personal property related to domestic traders and industrialists from one region to another region, by looking at the license and principle documents of their work and activity.
The Property Settlement Commission appreciatively requests the national businessmen and industrialists to consider the following matters seriously with the intention of comprehensive investigation of the transfer of goods within the country:
1. All commodities that are transferred within the territory of Afghanistan must have a customs duty e-filing document.
2. All those containers that are transferred by some traders in the form of pieces or parts must have customs duty documents regarding the said pieces and parts containers approved by the customs and have the transfer permission letter.
In case of disobedience of these matters, legal action will be taken against the disobedient seriously.

وروستي اعلانونه

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