The press release from the Ministry of Finance regarding the most recent World Bank report

Tue, Jan 31 2023 10:29 AM

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Ministry of Finance welcomes all positive comments about Afghanistan's economic situation in the World Bank report. The ministry's economic achievements, on the other hand, are much higher, and it wishes to maintain interactions in this area.
According to the World Bank report, the nation's national revenues and exports have increased significantly compared to the past, government employees' salaries are paid on time, the cost of food and oil has decreased, and the value of the Afghani against foreign currency has remained stable, implying that the year 2022 was a positive year for Afghanistan's economic situation.
As a result of the Ministry of Finance establishing complete transparency in all relevant financial areas, revenues are collected digitally through the banking system, and necessary facilities for national and foreign traders, as well as other facilities, have been created.
According to reality, the World Bank has presented a clear picture of Afghanistan's economic situation. As a result, we strongly urge the international community to maintain positive economic ties with Afghanistan and work to promote economic growth opportunities rather than imposing restrictions in this area in order to reduce unemployment and strengthen our economy, allowing us to eventually achieve economic self-sufficiency through good facility management.

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