NOTICE of Directorate of Customs Regarding Registration, Customs Duty of Undocumented Motorbikes!

Wed, Mar 20 2024 2:28 PM


By the proposal of MoF and with the approval of Prime Ministership, in order to prevent ‘criminal offenses’ within the country and to ‘facilitate the owners of undocumented motorcycles’, the process of registration and customs duty of undocumented motorbikes has been incepted in all customs offices of the country.
According to this decision, the owners of undocumented motorcycles are obliged to fill the prescribed and computerized form and introduce two people as guarantors, at least one of whom has an e-ID card.
Currently, undocumented motorbikes are not allowed to be used for driving around the country. The General Directorate of Customs respectfully requests the owners of motorcycles to benefit from this opportunity and obtain documents for their motorbikes.
Click Registration Form for Undocumented Motorbikes from the Link Below:د+بې+اسنادو+موټرسایکلونو+فورمه،+وروستۍ.docx