Minister of Finance and Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan Discuss Strengthening Mutual Ties

Sun, Nov 28 2021 9:12 AM

On Nov 27, 2021, Alhaj Mullah Hedayatullah Badri, Minister of Finance met with Cihad Erginay, Turkish Ambassador to Afghanistan and his accompanying delegation.

The meeting was also attended by a number of officials of the Ministry of Finance. The parties discussed Turkey’s previous assistance to Afghanistan, continuation of this country's assistance in the areas of education, trade and development activities in the new system, raising the capacity of Afghan youth, providing humanitarian assistance, implementing development projects and other related issues in detail.  

Cihad Erginay, the Turkish ambassador said that Turkey has a long and strong relationship with Afghanistan and the Turks consider Afghans as brothers. He added that Turkey is the only country that stands by Afghanistan during the transformation period, maintains its activities and carries out its ongoing development projects in Afghanistan.


Appreciating the support of the people and the Turkish ambassador, the Minister of Finance said that Turkey is one of the Islamic countries that has a lot in common with us and Afghanistan will maintain all its relations with this country strong and lasting.

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