Procurement of IT Equipment for ARD and Insurance


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The Ministry of Finance has recently exercised a tender for “Procurement of IT Equipment for ARD and Insurance” corresponding to REF No; AF-MOF-FSP-185739-GO-RFB. After successful completion of the evaluation process, it was determined by the management that the contract would be awarded to “TalhaZubair Logistic Trading Ltd. Followings are the details of the Contract.

Bidding Description

Procurement of IT Equipment for ARD and Insurance

Contract Reference


Method of Procurement

International Competitive Bidding (ICB)

Implementation Agency

Ministry of Finance

Name of Bidder Awarded Contract

Talha Zubair Logistic Trading Ltd

Currency Awarded with Amount

AFN 31,085,000 (Thirty One Million and Eighty Five Thousand Afghanis)

Contract Duration

Two Months

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Tue, Mar 07 2023 1:40 PM
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