Minister of Finance Visits Paktia

Sat, Oct 01 2022 1:44 PM

Oct 01, 2022, the Acting Minister of Finance Alhaj Mullah Hedayatullah Badri traveled to Paktia to observe the customs.

The Acting Minister of Finance visited the customs department of this province and zero point border in Dand-e-Patan district where he met Chief of Staff of Masnoori Corps Mawlawi Hezbullah and some other local, military and civilian officials and discussed developing customs, erecting the customs perimeter wall, enlarging the parking lot and providing facilities to traders.

During the visit, the acting minister of finance met with representatives from the customs department and other government agencies, listened to their concerns and suggestions, and then promised to address the issues. He also advised the officials to get started as soon as possible on the development of the customs perimeter wall, expanding the parking lot, and other customs-related projects. Additionally, he instructed the officials to assist the traders and give them with what they need.


It is worth mentioning that the Minister of Finance has visited a number of customs and mostofiats of the country in the last one year and has given necessary instructions and recommendations to the officials and listened to their problems

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